Mum, I Made A Podcast

Mum I Made a Podcast

Delve into the world of podcast-making with the amazingly talented Benjamin Maio Mackay as he guides you through tips for creating worthy topics,
setting up equipment, and writing interview questions. Find out what it takes to keep a serial podcast going. Bring some ideas, and come and learn from the best.

Tuesday 7th July 10am-12noon AND Thursday 9th July 1-3pm at Westbourne Park Mem Hall

Day 1: Introduction to Podcasting
– What is a Podcast
– Successful Podcasting
– Skills Required and how these are applicable in the outside world
– Voice Training
– Scripting Content/Structuring a podcast/How to write an interview
– Recording Basics

Day 2:
– Complex Recording Tips
– Podcasting Equipment Information
– Editing a podcast
– Useful sound effects/music and how to build them in to your podcast
– Releasing a podcast
– How to build a following for your podcast
– Potential moneymaking avenues for podcasting
– Feedback on students podcast
– Q & A

In terms of equipment they’ll need the main thing is some kind of device they can record on with a program like GarageBand, LogicPro or Audacity – that can be an iPad/laptop/tablet etc (laptops are preferred, as they have the best editing capabilities). I’ll bring in a few different microphones to show them and give them an opportunity to use. They’ll also need to bring something to take notes with, an idea of what they’d like to podcast about and (obviously) water – cause they’ll be talking!

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