What We Do

The Acting & Film Program

Our acting and creative program is set in consultation with our students and tutors, teaching to the strengths, expertise and interests of our tutors. As acting students move through age groups they move through increments of stage and film craft and skill, improving and learning new levels of arts industry professionalism at each stage. Each acting class or performance ensemble has the opportunity to exhibit on Showcase Day in September each year. Other performance opportunities are offered along the way.

What begins as “games” in our Little Tackers drama classes, grows to be “exercises” the next levels up in theatre-making and acting classes, until we reach “tools” and ‘stagecraft’ for our senior acting ensembles such as On The Fringe and KINDRED.

Each set of acting classes aims to develop particular aspects of theatre or film craft – character development, understanding of the history of theatre, improvisation, voice, movement for actors, writing for the stage, bringing issues to life, deconstructing ideas, exploring subtext, wrestling with language, physical / hand eye coordination. All of these are transferable skills and many of our former students talk about the ways in which they use them in everyday lives such as in their careers as osteopaths, lawyers, teachers, directors and business owners.

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