Only Human (2020)

In the near future two beings meet in a bunker. Robot? Human? Hybrid? Appliance? Imagine, if you can, a future of driverless cars and talking appliances.

When AI rule our lives and the lines are blurred and rules don’t matter. When humans love robots. Laugh til your battery dies, weep until you rust as we ponder life, the universe, and Artificial Intelligence.

A humorously absurdist offering from the award-winning devising team of Claire Glenn and On The Fringe. Written by Sophia Simmons (Limit, Gravity Guts). Designed by Anthony Kelly and Claire Glenn. Graphics and digital animation by Stu Nankivell. Photos by Stu Nankivell. Choreography by Sophie Fielder.

“As though straight out of Westworld, you are transported to a possible future where everything you may have pondered about artificial intelligence is answered and exaggerated….”

“Only Human is truly a phenomenal surrealist show that will get youor brain thinking … about…how we as humans see ourselves…”Quyen Tran, trijo, 2020 ****1/2
“Well done SAYarts. It is good to see young talent being given clever material to work with and to be thoughtfully directed” 2020, Bob Becker, Hifiway ****1/2
“…It is a very, very funny work” Jan Kershaw, glamadelaide, 2020, *****