One Day He Changed – and the next he was gone (Fringe 2021)

I don’t really know who I am
So I can’t tell you about myself
But I know about everyone else
It’s obvious isn’t it?

A storm has come to town, the power is out, and Colin hasn’t come home yet.
A noir/ mystery explanation into the masks we wear, the personalities we build, and the true natures we keep hidden.

Directed by Alan Grace, written by Sophia Simmons with choreography by Timothy Mackie and Sophie Fielder. Assistant Director Timothy Mackie. Lighting Design by Sue Grey-Gardner and Hannah Aylett. Set design by Katherine Cooper. Costume design by Theo Warner. Photography by Patrick Nash.

“SAYarts’ latest sharp and thoughtful production is a witty and perceptive search to find yourself and discover others. … Along with identity, bigotry and bullying are part of the main themes, wrapped up in a highly enjoyable romp.” Craig Cook, The Advertiser

“Through the haze, a dozen conversations riff from one person to another, a comment or question from one prompting a response from another. It is a strong opening, well written and tightly performed…”

“It’s by and for the teenagers, whose perception of the deeper meanings of life and their actions within it are surprising and courageous.” Mark Wickett, Stage Whispers