Everything They Ever Said (with fingers crossed behind their backs) (DreamBIG 2021)

Over the course of one strange week (when Australia’s experiencing a political coup, and the world is hiding from a relentless virus, and a coded series of beeps is being picked up by a distant satellite, and the cows are dying, and snow is falling, even though it’s summer, even though the snow never falls here, whatever the season) a group of teenagers will try to navigate the space between what they are told, and what they are.

Breaking the rules is one thing. Discovering the rules don’t exist… is something else entirely.

“The world tells teenagers what life is about (in a parent’s advice, a school’s lesson, a society’s demands) but then teenagers – so excellently – do their own decoding. They’re only ever given some of the information, and like keen-eyed detectives they unearth the rest. In this way, they discover some things to be real and some false, and then unravel truths and lies of their own – about society, about structures, about themselves.” Fin Kruckemeyer

An acclaimed play the award-winning team of playwright Finegan Kruckemeyer, Director Clara Solly-Slade, Choreographer & Assistant Director Timothy Mackie, Lighting Designer Sue Grey-Gardner, Designer Meg Wilson, Graphic Designer & Digital Artist Stu Nankivell with the KINDRED Collective. Commissioned by Dream BIG for KINDRED. Photos by Jamie Hornsby. Creative Development Claire Glenn.

“…the show was fantastic.  Fresh, real and current.  It made one of the delegates who was there very teary! I thought everything from direction through to all performances and music and the whole minimal but clever set and production were just great. We all agreed the future is in good hands and we should all just get out of the way! So please pass that on to the cast and crew.  Big congrats.  I was hugely proud to have it in the DreamBIG  program.” Susannah Sweeney, Creative Producer