SAYArts classes will all be online until it is deemed safe to have physical on site classes again.

Participation in ZOOM classes requires you to adhere to the guidelines and to the safety policy below. Terms and Conditions apply.

The team at SAYarts see these online classes as an opportunity for young people to continue to create, to explore who they are, and to be part of our community of friends and makers. Classes will still include warm-up games, vocal work, improvisation, character-building, scenework or monologues, devising theatre, and performance outcomes (online, film making, radio plays etc). We are navigating this new territory together – sometimes things will work brilliantly, other times your internet won’t work or exercises will be weird. There may even be long awkward silences – stick with us!

ONLINE Imagination Festival for all classes Sunday 28th June via ZOOM

EarlyBird discount of 10% before April 30, Code: EarlyBird

Loyalty discount if in more than one class or more than one child enrolled – 10% Code: Loyalty

One discount per family.

Mon 27/4-29/6 Tues 28/4-30/6 Wed 29/4-1/7 Thur 30/4-2/7
Mighty Stories

4.30-6.30pm, 13-16 yrs

$308 inc GST

Performance outcome Fringe 2021

New members welcome – Come & try


Bright Sparks Writing Class

4.30-6.30, 10-14 yrs

$308 inc GST Performance writing outcome Fringe 2021

New members welcome – Come & try












Ensemble closed to new members

4-6pm, 12+ yrs

$ 308 inc GST

Perf outcome May 2021


















Little Tackers

4-5pm, 5-8 yrs

$143 inc GST

Imagination Festival Perf 28 June

Come & try




5.15-6.45pm, 9-12yrs

$230 inc GST

Imagination Festival Perf 28 June

Come & try


Acting Fundamentals

4.30-6.30pm, 8-12yrs


Imagination Festival Perf 28 June

Come & try





In Cahoots

4-5.30pm, 8-12 yrs

$230 inc GST

Imagination Festival Perf 28 June

Come & try



On The Fringe

Ensemble closed to new members

4.30-6.30pm, 13-17yrs

$308 inc GST

Performance outcome Fringe 2021


Advanced Acting

5-7pm, 16+ yrs

$308 inc GST

Imagination Festival Perf 28 June

Come & try








ONLINE Safety and Guidelines POLICY

In this era of online zoom classes, there are a few things to consider. Online safety is one of those things, and user satisfaction and smooth running of online classes is another.

We ask the following:

  • Please ensure that your child is set up in a quiet space where they won’t be interrupted by extraneous noise, siblings, pets. They should also have some ability to move about and do physical things.
  • Before class starts they should have set up access to writing materials, and water.
  • If using a virtual background the wall behind should be clear of objects for optimal quality.
  • Please do an internet speed test before heading into the class, and ensure that your child’s first name appears as their zoom name
  • Check camera angles and visibility – we have seen a LOT of chins and foreheads recently.
  • Check sound including headsets
  • Lighting – a bit of side lighting is good, back lighting isn’t good. Students must be in light unless directed otherwise for an exercise.


SAYarts aims to protect the online safety and wellbeing of all its young people and therefore will be employing the following safety features of the Zoom software to ensure safety during their workshops:

  1. Young People will not be allowed to join meetings without a Lead Artist (or in Zoom terms a ‘Host’) present, therefore eliminating unsupervised online communications.
  2. Our digital workshops will be password protected, to ensure that outside parties are not able to join the meeting.
  3. SAYarts will disable the ‘private chat’ function to ensure that young people are not able to communicate / share online content without supervision. **This may be adjusted in older groups**
  4. When using the ‘breakout room’ function, our Lead Artists and Assistant Artists will continually rotate between rooms for maximum supervision, however there may be short periods of times when young people are not directly supervised.
  5. When screen-sharing, SAYarts staff will ensure that only content appropriate for children is visible.
  6. Parents should consider, where in the house their child will use Zoom software, noting that the camera will allow other class members to see into your home. Zoom gives its users the ability to add a ‘virtual background’ to protect privacy. You can read about that function here: https://support.zoom. us/hc/en-us/articles/210707503-Virtual-Background
  • Our Child Safe Environments Policy still stands – we just apply the principles online, navigating ways of being safe and respectful, together, in new territory. However, just like our in-person workshops, we encourage our young people to always treat each other with respect.
  • Please read the following online behaviour agreement. If you require further clarification of any points, don’t hesitate to get in contact with our staff.
  1. Parents should provide appropriate supervision for their child. For children under 8 (LIttle Tackers), parents must be present during the workshop. For young people aged 9 – 12, parents should be supervising from within the same premises.
  2. Young people should always consider the appropriateness of any material that they share with the group. They will not share images, language or video content that is sexual, violent, racist, profane or provocative in nature. Participants will not share content from sites that do not align with our values of inclusion and respect, or that would bring SAYarts into ill repute. These include, but are not limited to hate group websites, conspiracy theory websites, imageboard websites of ill repute and websites requiring age confirmation before entry. Exceptions to this are research for productions (On The Fringe, in the supervised context of devising work)
  3. Young people will communicate positively and respectfully with other members of their class. When in a SAYarts workshop, they will not engage in online bullying, teasing or name-calling through the chat function, or video functions of Zoom.
  4. Young people will respect the privacy of their classmates. They may not voice record, video record, photograph or screen shot any part of the workshop.
  5. Young people should consider the content on their computer if they are invited to screen share. They must omit any inappropriate material from their screen prior to screen sharing on this platform.
  6. Young people will not share any images or video unless invited to share by the workshop artists. They must not attempt to share any images or video content unless invited to do so by the workshop artists.
  7. Young people will not engage in any online behaviour that is illegal or harmful to others (such as grooming, catfishing, impersonation, threats). They must at all times refrain from any behaviour that can be considered illegal or harmful to any participants in the workshop including the workshop artist.

Consequences of Our usual Terms and Conditions also apply. See below, adjust accordingly for Online.


Terms and conditions, please read before enrolling:  

Enrollments are first come first served unless by invitation. We cap our classes at a maximum of 15 participants, although this is at the discretion of the Managing Director. Our terms usually follow the public school terms and it is expected students will participate in show and tells or performances in the final week of class and for performance day on Saturday 12th September. Age cohorts are selected for a reason – please do not ask for your child to enter a class above their age range. From time to time one of the tutors may recommend that a student goes up an age level after they have worked with them.

Term Fees must be paid in advance via our online booking system unless an agreement has been entered into with Bec. Enrollments are non-refundable once term has commenced and discounts are usually not available for starting late in the term. If your child turns up after week two of term not enrolled they will not be permitted to enter class.  

Discounts: Only 1 discount can be applied per booking.

EARLYBIRD: a 10% discount applies if you enrol before 30th April.  Use the code Earlybird

LOYALTY: If you are enrolled in more than 1 class, or have multiple children attending then a 10% discount applies to each class. Use the code Loyalty


Cancellation of classes. If a class doesn’t achieve the minimum number of attendees it may be cancelled and other classes recommended for those enrolled. Should a week’s class need to be cancelled during term then the parents/guardians will be contacted via email or a text to the emergency contact number provided. Occasionally due to other work commitments or illness a tutor may be replaced by another SAYarts or guest tutor or assistant.

What to bring & wear to class: All our students are required to wear comfortable clothing that is suitable to move around in – this means students should wear clothing such as bike shorts, jeans, leggings etc to minimise their embarrassment when we ask them to do a handstand or lie on the ground. All students should BYO water. We expect mobile phones to be switched to silent. We strongly encourage personal hygiene such as deodorant for our upper primary + students as we are often working very closely together!

Attendance, Arrival and Collection of students. Please text Bec on 0400 202 399 if you / your child are going to be late to a class or will be absent from a class. We request that students do not arrive more than 15 minutes before class, and that they are collected promptly at class finishing time. Failure to collect students in a timely manner may incur a charge of $30 for every fifteen minutes after class finishing time. Parents are given an opportunity to observe the term’s work at the end of term/year. At all other times parents are not permitted to attend the classes as this impacts on the students’ concentration and teamwork.

Disclaimer: Please read our home page for our values and philosophy – our focus is more on development of the whole person rather than creating individual stars. We reserve the right to remove a student if we believe that the class is detrimental to them or they are detrimental to the class. Respectful behaviour is expected at all times. A Student and Staff Code of Conduct is being revised.

We look forward to welcoming you to our SAYarts community of creative minds and makers.
Any queries, please call Bec on 0400 202 399.



All classes are required to present work on Showcase day, Sat 12 September 2020 at the Goodwood Institute.

Under 5 years
Tiny Tackers
Our Tiny Tackers will learn life-longs skills that build empathy, teamwork, and resilience through creative play. Together we will forge imaginary worlds, discover how to move our bodies to build shapes and scenes, make music and sounds that help us set the story, while having a heap of fun! Come and discover the joy of performance and storytelling. Small participatory performance outcome at the end of each term.
Bonus benefits: Cooperation, creative problem solving, collaboration, courage, communication, patience!

Who does this class suit? Active kids; Imagineers – storytellers and makers

5-7 years (Unley), or 5-8 years (Mitcham)
Little Tackers
The ultimate introduction to the amazing world of theatre – tailored to suit any child with imagination. Tutors will play games galore and begin working towards a pint-sized end of term performance outcome. Builds confidence, resilience, social and teambuilding skills. Improves communication. Encourages play and storytelling. Little Tackers present at Showcase. Craft, costumes and theatre-making are involved! Bring a healthy snack and water.

Who does this class suit? Active kids; Imagineers – storytellers and makers, natural performers

8-10 or 9-12 years,
Tackers, & Tackers Take Mitcham
Theatre games, improvisation and all the tools of theatre craft are shared by our tutors in this class designed for the next generation of SAYarts performers. Play and fun are encouraged! Enjoy a performance at the end of term for parents and friends! We encourage parents to send their kids along with a healthy snack and please ensure they have water! Builds confidence, resilience, social and teambuilding skills. Improves communication. Encourages play and empathy.

Who does this class suit? Active kids; Imagineers – storytellers and makers, those looking for a non-sports extracurricular activity, those who need confidence-building

8-12 yrs
In Cahoots – improvisation & character work
Make it up as you go! Learn to trust your instincts and think on your feet, be brave, make dynamic choices on the fly, and spontaneously create original characters and storylines through physical movement and group exercises. Have heaps of fun whilst learning the basic rules of improvisation – just say YES! The classes work towards a short performance in term 3. A great confidence-builder, improves focus and listening skills.

Who does this class suit? Explorers, Imagineers – storytellers and makers,

Acting Fundamentals
Facilitated by experienced actor and teacher Laurie Rea, you will learn the basics of script preparation, stagecraft, theatre etiquette, and improvisation with a focus on techniques for building character and blocking scenes. Students will be expected to learn lines, take direction, and perform. Performance outcome in September.

Who does this class suit? Explorers – looking for their thing; Aspiring actors; Parents searching for that extra-curricular activity that isn’t sport!

10-14 years
Bright Sparks Playwrighting
with Alan Grace. Be introduced to the basics of creative writing for screen and stage. Spend time fleshing out & workshopping  your ideas in a safe space. Staged readings, the possibility of one of your plays appearing in our 2020 season. No idea is too silly, too happy, too bleak. This course will work towards a one act play for each writer. Students can progress to our Ink. course when they turn 15.

Who does this class suit? Explorers looking for their thing; Imagineers – storytellers & makers, introverts and deep thinkers

Each semester this class will have an in-house showing of one act plays, devised scenework, or improvisation. How do we bring a play to life? How do we build character? This class will workshop/perform the stories and plays of our Bright Sparks and Ink classes. Experimental forms, immersive, verbatim, and installation are all possibilities with these creatives.

Who does this class suit? Explorers looking for their thing; Imagineers – storytellers & makers, natural performers, keen actors

12-24 years
KINDRED International Collaboration

Youth arts collaboration on a global scale. A cultural exchange project between SAYarts and renowned Scottish Theatre Company, Macrobert Young Company. The project teams value diversity, conversation and authenticity with young people and will create youth-led work that is relevant to our time: Gnarly questions, haunting themes, gritty responses and timely words. Work with award-winning theatre-maker Claire Glenn and internationally acclaimed playwright Finegan Kruckemeyer to forge conversations across continents that feed our souls and fuel our actions. Performance outcome Dream BIG May 19-29 2021. Traveling overseas in June/July 2021.

Who does this class suit? Serious Players – those with the ability to commit to rehearsals, and an international collaboration with a performance and travel outcome. Expressions of interest and queries to Claire Glenn

13-16 year olds
Mighty Stories Ensemble
We all have a story to tell. Through improvisation, character development, and devising you can see your story through to performance, installation, or immersive experience. Come and make theatre with us.

In 2020 Mighty Stories will work on our co-production with Jopuka Productions (NSW) “Very Happy Children With Bright and Wonderful Futures”. Our playwrights, Bright Sparks & Fresh Ink, will work with you to create a piece of augmented verbatim theatre inspired by Greta Thunberg and the political activism of young people across the globe.

Who does this class suit? Serious players – rehearsal commitments and performance period. Work outside of the allotted class time expected. High commitment level in Term 3 especially, with performance October 2020.

14-18 year olds
On The Fringe
This is our dedicated Adelaide Fringe performance troupe who make theatre around themes that they are inspired by, provoked by, challenged by. Working alongside industry professionals, the ensemble have a strong January school holiday rehearsal commitment, and perform across a week during the Fringe. They work across genres. Their last seasons have pretty well sold out, and they have even won an ATG award, and been nominated for an Adelaide Critic’s Circle Award. All cast members must be available to rehearse in the last week of January holidays and be available for production week in the Fringe. If you cannot make this commitment please don’t enrol. The class closes to new members in terms 3, 4 & 1.

Who does this class suit? Serious actors, activist-minded thinkers; Imagineers – storytellers & makers, those a little left-of-centre

15-25 years,
Tutor: Alan Grace
So you wannabe a serious playwright or even a screenwriter? This is an amazing opportunity to learn from one of our best youth theatre practitioners, Alan Grace. Alan has an impressive record of plays to his name, and as a director, he also understands the whole theatre-making process. Alan’s on the search for the next generation of storytellers. Learn how to get those ideas onto the page, and from page to stage.  Want to understand the basic demands of storytelling? Show don’t tell? Need help putting flesh and blood on those characters? Or just want to understand plotlines and other basic techniques?
A moved reading of selected works is scheduled for later in the year. Bring FULLY charged laptops or tablets, pen & paper, a sense of humour, and some of those ideas that have been haunting you! Writing assignments will be given.

Who does this class suit? those burning to tell a story, creative writers, filmmakers, actors who want to create their own work

Advanced Acting
Led by experienced versatile professionally trained actor Rory Walker with guest presenters and masterclasses. The clever package to prepare you across the year for drama school and performance – movement for actors, script analysis, scenework, monologue preparation, audition preparation, acting styles and techniques. Students will be expected to read plays, learn lines, take direction, and perform.

Who does this class suit? Senior students interested in a career in the arts eg drama school. SACE Drama students

18-25 year olds
Troupe Mythos Performance ensemble
Working with experienced professionally trained versatile actor Rory Walker (State Theatre Co,Wolf Creek, Hotel Mumbai) this Company will create a performance piece about issues and ideas that interest them – perhaps they will adapt a play or make their own. For serious actors who are keen to learn from the best. Performance outcome, date to be agreed upon. Masterclasses and guest presenters.

Who does this class suit? Serious actors looking for performance making opportunities, devisers




























Monsters & Gods in Heavy Night